Brabham offers another addition to its legendary line of racers with the BT62. The new addition to the Brabham line, however, does not just carry the illustrious name. It also happens to share its DNA and heritage left behind by founder Sir Jack Brabham.

Doing his father proud is David Brabham, who is at the helm of the company. The production of this new addition to Brabham Automotive to the racing world. The same brief that has been used for vehicles that were BT-designated was used in the work involved in its production. What the production team did is come up with a car that is aimed at delivering nothing short of a blistering performance on the track.

The team responsible for its creation decided to go the pragmatic route u[on its production. This is the very same approach that Brabham has pursued which helped it achieve four Championships at the Worlds and 1 win at the Grand Prix.

The company’s first car aims to take the brand into a new and exciting era where it both upholds and honours the glorious past that the marquee has always been known for. The materials used in the production were usually contemporary. The same is true for the technologies and processes that were involved. It took two years of a tight engineering programme and rigorous engineering before they came up with a car that requires both commitment and engagement from the driver. The worthy hands behind the wheels, they can expect that the car offers nothing short of immense satisfaction and reward.

This amazing car would have made Sir Jack Brabham proud. It has power driven to its rear wheels through a race-spec transmission that is mooted on the rear. The car has an overall dry weight of 972 kg, which means that it is incredibly light. Its power is supplied by the Brabham V8 engine at 5.4 litres capacity. Its package boasts aggressive aerodynamics and its body is performance-optimised.

Buyers who are interested in owning the car should be aware that production is limited. Only 70 cars are in the works for production. The number is significant because it represents the 70 years of the Brabham name’s legacy in the F1 world. It has been 70 years since Sir Jack Brabham started his illustrious racing career in 1948 back in Australia.

Seventy years on, the Brabham name remains one of the most iconic motorsport marquees in the world. It boats of a lineage made up of champion racers, innovators, and engineers. With David Brabham at the head of Brabham Automotive, the company continues its rich heritage as it goes on to write the ongoing story of the brand in the 21st century. Their goal is to present to the public cars that go beyond the convention while at the same time, banking on values that have since become the defining elements in the winning dynasty left by legend Sir Jack Brabham at the very start.

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