We run ads in Nigeria Ghana UAE. we are in the business of used/salvage/rebuilt title cars mostly for export. Our main competitors would be Auctionexport.com the car business is very competitive here in the states, and very few companies make a profit here in the usa. We’ve mostly dealt with repeat dealers that buy these units fix them, labor being cheap, roll back miles do whatever they do in those countries and sell them off to the end user. We rarely needed to do much marketing since you can have 20 dealers buying 5 units each a month. Our margins are made in the actual logistics end of the model. So moving a car/suv/heavy equipment to these countries is quite profitable. We do not allow 3rd party logistic companies to handle our units.

We recently hired more staff and are prepared to get our montly units up to 200 a month. We have some negative reviews, but considering we are not selling girl scout cookies and are selling cars with salvage titles. Cars that are never viewed prior to purchase. Customers rely on pictures posted online. We did get one of the problem review sites,, sitejabber.com to review 15 reviews that are for a company called monsterexport.uk which is not in business for many years. it may take time to clear the search results. Again we don’t need an end user in nigeria with his last 2k buying a car from us. Calling daily asking for updates.. Those are the same clients that may not understand that the actual time once the car is loaded will take 32 days at sea. We need qualified buyers and let them market to the end user.

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