You almost certainly have heard stories about businesses that can pay you just to operate a vehicle around with an advertisement on your vehicle, but do these opportunities really exist? And, if so, how do you find them?

They’re called “free car” programs or “get paid to drive” deals. These programs do are present, although they aren’t as plentiful as they were in the past. The key is knowing where to look and having what must be done to make you an ideal advertising driver.

How it operates
Here’s the essential premise of the “paid to operate a vehicle” concept: A corporation seeks people – regular citizens, not professional motorists – to start their normal regular as they often do, only with a major ad plastered on the car. The advertising are typically vinyl decals, also called “car wraps,” that almost appear to be decorated on the automobile, and which often cover a huge portion of the car’s outside surface.

The automobile owner is then compensated, usually a few hundred dollars monthly, which is essentially a “rental” payment for allowing the business use that space. Before, there’s been a “free car” version of this concept. The business provided the drivers with a fresh, prewrapped car.

What does the business get out of this kind of ad strategy? Plenty of coverage. The auto wraps have a tendency to be colorful and eye-catching and draw in tons of attention. Plus, it’s a kind of advertising with a captive audience, signifying individuals who are jammed in traffic and can’t avoid experiencing the wrapped car alongside them, Livingston says.

The companies usually select motorists who reside in desirable locations such as high-traffic, cities. A company’s ideal drivers can vary depending upon the mark demographic they would like to reach, corresponding to Brandon Clarke of DrivenMedia, a Phoenix-based advertising company that specializes in creating top quality vehicle promotions for clients. For instance, a technical or consumer electronics company may seek individuals who go on or near school campuses, so as to gain publicity with the university crowd.

The vehicles in these programs tend to be equipped with GPS tracking devices, therefore the companies can make sure the drivers spend sufficient amount of time in the required areas.

CALCULATOR: Just how much car is it possible to afford? Calculate your every month car payment.

‘Paid to drive’ primetime
Paid-to-drive programs were very popular five to 10 years earlier. Gas was cheaper, and people were spending additional time on the highway. There were a great deal of websites devoted to these programs, including many fee-charging sites that acted as a middleman and guaranteed to connect eager drivers with companies seeking vehicles for their ads.

Then, fuel costs spiked and people weren’t spending as much time in their autos, Clarke says. At exactly the same time, online advertising became the rage.

Pros Deciding on the best free Car Advertising
Exposure. Qualified purchasers go to known brands with tons of inventory. attracts about 14 million purchasers every month, more than any other vehicle classifieds website.
Save time with competent leads. 8 in 10 tourists are centered on shopping for vehicles, so your advertising will maintain front of serious customers.
Reach an area and country wide market.
Reasonable cost, quality value. offers you options like Run ’til It Markets, Spotlight Ads and up to 27 photographs.Max picture size is 5MB.
It’s easy: select your advertising package, enter your vehicle details, upload your images, review and post your list.
Partner sites and country wide advertising. Your advertising can look on our six spouse sites for no additional charge, and our tv set, radio and internet marketing campaigns will get more clients to your advertising.
Advertising, negotiating and paperwork tips to make your transfer easy and get the most money for your vehicle.
Internet search engine leads. As more folks utilize the Internet for shopping, your advertisement will more commonly be at purchasers’ fingertips.
Ad features made to sell.

Current opportunities
Still, there are opportunities away there, if you understand where to look.

“Individuals are seeking ways to make money, while companies are cutting back on spending for tv campaigns and looking for less expensive advertising strategies.

On average, Livingston’s clients put about 800 to at least one 1,000 wrapped cars on the highway.

Like other similar companies, Free Car Media serves as a matchmaker. Interested consumers register at and then are notified when they meet up with the criteria a customer seeks in probable drivers.

Individuals are paid typically $700 to $900 monthly, with promotions usually owning a few months long. Drivers use their own cars which are built in with the cover. “They don’t actually get a free car,” Livingston says. “However the monthly payment is normally enough for their auto expenditures like car repayment, gas, etc., for the month, so that’s where in fact the name comes from.”

It doesn’t cost anything for individuals to join up, and Livingston warns visitors to avoid any sites that charge a cost.

“There are a great number of unscrupulous companies that are looking to ask you for $20, $30 or even more when you can understand this information yourself for free. I get cell phone calls on a each week basis from individuals who are annoyed because these were scammed,” he says. Livingston says that anyone who’s aimed to his site after paying a payment to some other service should demand a refund.

Adding to the confusion, lots of the sites – legitimate and questionable – have virtually identical labels, often some variation of what “free” and “car.” So it’s important to check out the website carefully, watching for just about any mention of fees or membership costs.

Finding drivers
Clarke says his company positions a great deal of effort into recruiting brand influencers, or individuals who are a perfect fit for the client’s market.

“Recent engagements have focused on family-oriented and consumer driven advertisers who are generally endeavoring to create awareness within a particular region among dynamic moms with energetic families,” Clarke says, adding that active soccer moms would make perfect drivers candidates for these promotions. “With active young families being such a coveted demographic, incorporating their vehicles is ideal since they’re getting tremendous vulnerability parked in the pick-up brand at university, at the Saturday morning hours soccer video games, etc.”

There are essential conditions for driving candidates. “Backdrop, driving record, occupation confirmation, personal interview, as well as having required minimum automobile insurance coverage are area of the vetting process

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