All About Chevrons are a UK specialist in Chapter 8 vehicle chevron markings. The produce in-house chevron kits that are made to measure for all types of models and makes of vehicles. All Chevron kits are full assembled meaning that you do not need to apply the red yourself. This saves time and means the look and feel of the Chevrons are more professional. They offer fitting help and advice over the phone on how to affix Chevrons, plus also offer a handy free application document that shows you the steps to apply their kits. Other kits and Chevron signs are available for Highway and Motorway Maintenance vans, Wide Load vehicles and Escort vans.

Chapter 8 signs are derived for the UK Department of Transport’s Traffic Signs Manual. This document offers the official government guidelines for businesses that operating on UK motorways. The legal information contained in here ensures that companies using vehicles on the motorways abide by the legal requirements. This means that any company using small or large vans, trucks or cars (including HDV’s) must by law implement the Chapter 8 guidelines on their vehicles.

It is important that all commercial vehicles that stop on a motorway for work purposes need to:

1.   Must have high visibility rear markings on their vehicles

2.   Have a florescent colouring which can be either white or yellow.

This is also the case for for High visibility rear markings and must meet these Chapter 8 requirements:

Vehicles Chevron markings must have either alternate strips of retro-reflective grade orange-red retro-reflective material or “Class Ref 2” to BS EN 12899-1. The fluorescent non-retro reflective yellow material of not less than 150mm wide each.

All vehicles rear markings must cover most of the rear-facing portion of the van, lorry or truck as much as possible, though must not obscure any lights, windows, vehicle registration details.

Chapter 8 compliance also depends on the type of vehicle you are using. Any commercial vehicle that weighs under 7.5 tonnes will need to comply with the Governments Chapter 8 guidelines, this includes rear chevron markings must be upward facing and alternate between red and yellow materials. The size requirements include these chevrons not measuring any less than 150mm in width but no larger than 200mm. This is to ensure that back of the car or van must be covered as much as possible for other road users. The red material must be reflective to enable clear visibility in dark or night conditions. The reflective yellow material must not impair any daytime drivers. Any commercial vehicles that operate as maintenance vehicles must have either “Motorway Maintenance” or “Highway Maintenance” stickers or signs attached.

All these requirements for Chapter 8 Chevrons are met at All About Chevrons. Their kits fully comply with the with the regulations set out in Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual published by the UK Government’s Department of Transport. They offer Self Adhesive or Magnetic Chevron kits with are fast and easy to apply. Further information on Chapter 8 regulations and the use of Chevron kits can be found on their website.


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