Van windowpane customizations attended quite a distance. You’re no more limited by decals or basic tints. Custom replacement unit home windows, specialist designs, and unique tinting can all give your vehicle that extra personality it needs to actually stand out.


Window film can be an inexpensive way to upgrade your van’s look. As well as the customary dark blue or brownish tints, you might like to consider vivid colors like red or violet or opt for metallic chromium film. When you can purchase DIY film packages, it’s easier to have windows tints applied by a specialist.


One-way window images are another relatively low-cost option. Custom windows images can be among the many great ways to use your van’s mobile advertising space, turning your home windows into moving mini-billboards you may take on the highway.


Around the pricier eliminate of options, you could consider changing a few of your windows. With regards to the model you drive and exactly how extreme you want your transformation to be, you may choose to set up additional home windows, such as ornamental portholes.


This applies to any customization you can include to your Renault vehicle, but consider whether these changes are legal and/or may have a direct effect on insurance costs and general roadworthiness.

Note that, relating to law, leading windscreen and front side side home windows of your vehicle must allow at least 70% of the light to feed. Rear windows don’t have any specific requirements.

Furthermore, many creative vehicle owners have adorned their vehicle with elegant upgrades, and then get an awful shock when they had a need to make an insurance state and discovered that their vehicle was no more covered. Consult with your insurance provider before you set up window adjustments, as you might find your monthly premiums are affected.

Fitted bonded van windows

Fitting bonded home windows is relatively simple, provided you have all of your measurements right up to now… ensure the steel is clean and covered with metal color so that no bare steel is visible. Afterward, you need to ‘key’ the sides of the steel where the home window sealant is likely to be applied by massaging it down with sandpaper.

Regularly apply a heavy type of sealant all over the window hole, such as the picture above. We slice the sealant nozzles further down than standard so that it is straightforward to use heavy beading.

Now, carefully, place the window within the hole and press it onto the sealant making certain there are no spaces and the home window rests flush on the top of metal. It really is smart to have a pal help you with this. Once trapped on, put masking tape along the sides of the home window to carry it set up as the sealant dries. Tidy up any press out of sealant on the in or beyond the windows and leave to dried out.

Top-Tip: Among the problems when fitted bonded home windows is the way the finish off the within of the opening… there are a number of answers to this but often some type of running coating carpet up to the advantage works fairly well. When you have any carpet or cut within the van round the windows, you can tuck this round the advantage of the windows opening so sticking the windows down keeps it set up.

Completing off your van windows

So that’s you done? Well, nearly….

The best thing with investing in home windows and in truth, cutting any metallic in your vehicle is that you’ll generate thousands of tiny metallic filings. These little items of metal get almost everywhere and can rust as time passes if remaining in your truck. Hoover, clean and hoover again to be rid of as much as possible. That is one of the main element explanations why it is good to do any drilling or slicing first, as the van continues to be a shell as it is simpler to reach all the tiny nooks and crannies and remove any filings. Once cupboards and flooring are installed this is quite impossible and you’ll miss some, and then find a good pile of rusted steel if you come to lift up the ground in a couple of years time!

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