Cubot over the years has been capable to make a name for itself in the Chinese Smart phone marketplace as one of the top proficient Android phone creators in the market. As of July 2016 while it decided to endeavor in to the wearable business, we saw the Cubot V1 Smart band debut into the marketplace and with it derived a lot of functions that importantly helped so numerous people. And as a development to the V1, Cubot is back through the Band V2. The inventive CUBOT V2 Smart has been intended to improve the quality of your lifestyle while making life calmer for you.

Luckily, the Cubot Band V2 has been intended to be as frivolous as likely with a weight of no additional as 20 grams. While I put on, it did not even seem as however I had formed slipped anything on to my left wrist. Therefore , it is safe to say that it could be used for any change of activities such as sporting actions, gym and an entire lot more. To construct this device, a combination of aluminum and TPU was prepared use of. It has been intended to be lengthy sufficient so as to be easily versatile and securely fit into lots of hands.

Turning on the device for the first time, you are welcomed by a black quadrangular dial screen which obviously is operated through touch. While this device is turned on, a blue light that displays the info on the screen lights your face. Info on the screen maximum of the standby time are the date, time plus battery percentage.

While its display has a black color build, its TPU band derives majorly in three colors which are black, blue plus grey. The material TPU for the band has moreover been intended so as to be anti-sweat plus anti-slippery while lasting lightweight, stylish and beautiful as well.

1 valuable feature Cubot entrenched in this device is the heart rate monitor. This utility supports real-time heart monitoring plus with the use of the app delivered by Cubot, you can monitor your heart beat graph on an everyday basis and set a critical worth at which the band would tremble so as to notify you while your heartbeat rate exceeds that value.

The Cubot V2 smart Wise Wristband has an IP65 water proof rating, which means it can endure those occasional squishes and spills of liquid. It, though, does not mean you could swim with it or somewhat like that since a device needs not fewer than IP67 rating to be completely waterproof. Even some IP68-rated devices still get hurt when dipped in to liquids intended for too long, which means you have to be cautious.

With the 1 key discuss set, you can simply share any of your Weibo, statistics to your friends through any of the social media nets for example WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, etc .
In conclusion, the Cubot Band V2 is an actually great smart wrist band accomplished of helping you live a more satisfied and healthy life. With such excessive features and functions, the value even can make it a more desired device.

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