Can you imagine your car without auto glass installed in it? Seems kind of ridiculous to consider at first, and then it begins to paint a dangerous picture.

The road debris that would fly in your face, the bugs that you’d be accelerating into, the possible fast flying stone; or perhaps the fact that your air conditioning would blow right out of your vehicle’s cabin, practically unfelt. And in the winter? Neglect it. You couldn’t possibly drive at high speeds when the temps are already freezing and wet-you’d likely catch hypothermia! All of that may appear minor until of course, you consider that your windshield and auto glass contribute up to 60% of your vehicle’s overall cabin strength! Or that properly installed auto glass can hold up to 1 1.5 times your vehicle’s weight. Auto Glass Atlanta LLC, Or another little-known fact-which is that your auto glass is designed to prevent you from ejecting from your vehicle in an accident-since ejecting from your vehicle, gives you a high chance of possibly dying. Now imagine getting into a head-on collision, or a rollover accident without your auto glass. Yikes! Auto glass is the unsung hero of our vehicle. It takes all the filth of the road, retains us cool in the summer and toasty in the winter, and is an integral security feature of our car’s structural integrity.

Even with all the improvements in auto glass, scratches, chips, pits, cracks, and breaks can still occur. Some of them will happen because of something as innocent as a rapid change in temp or moisture. Others will happen from things you simply cannot control, such as a rock flying into your windshield on the highway. Much more unfortunate circumstances could lead to your auto glass needing repair or replacement-such as vandalism or extreme weather.

While your auto glass is surprisingly strong, it is critical to understand that it is essentially a netted pattern of molecular bonds. When even a few bonds are weakened or damaged, by extension the other bonds in the glass will also become weakened from trying to compensate for the damage. Over time, this stress and weakening take a toll, and the damage starts to spread and spider out.

In the case where the damage is bigger than a quarter, on any of your auto glass-windshield, side windows, or rear windows-it’s time to get the auto glass replaced.

Essentially, repairing the glass when it’s already been damaged to the extent of a quarter or larger, you’re just biding your time and greatly compromising the overall strength and structural support of your vehicle.

Although different professionals use different techniques to fix windshield glass, we will explain the approved method that we require from all windshield repair companies we partner with.

  1. Windshield Repair Preparation

The first step of the windshield repair process is for the technician to prepare the area around the damage for the actual repair. This includes covering the hood of the car and cleaning the glass.

  1. Windshield Cleaning

Next, cleaning takes place. The windshield cleaning process entails vacuuming the air from the broken windshield to ensure a successful fix.

  1. Glass Resin Application

The third step of the process for repairing windshields is the application of glass healer resin in the damaged area. The point is for it to go deep into every single part of the crack. This precision is what results in a wonderful finish line result.

  1. Glass Resin Curing

Once enough glass healer resin is injected in the damaged area, the technician will remedy it using ultraviolet light. At this point, the resin will solidify and the damage will be repaired.

  1. Removing Excess Resin

However, there is an extra step in the process of fixing a broken windshield glass that consists of removing the surplus of resin and polishing the windshield repair spot to make it smooth.

  1. Windshield Repair Process is Over

Finally, the technician will clean the glass and remove the cover from the hood, thus finishing the windshield repair service.

Of course, after reading so much information on auto glass, you may be overwhelmed by the prospect of finding a properly trained auto glass installer who will use high-quality auto glass in your vehicle. This is where can help!

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