The interior of the car becomes a part that cannot be passed from a car. Caring for the car must be complete with interior and exterior parts. The interior is a crucial part because it deals with the driving experience of the passengers and the driver. The condition of the room in the car cabin that is clean and fragrant makes the occupants of the car feel at home in the car. Here are tips for caring for car interiors that keep your car fresh and clean.

The most important car interior to be cleaned and maintained is the dashboard, seat, car ceiling, car carpet, and the condition of the room. Maintaining cleanliness and diligently cleaning the car makes the car’s interior condition always comfortable when driving and occupied by passengers and car drivers. Next we provide steps to take care of the car’s interior easily without having to be taken to the garage.

Tips for Caring for the Car Interior to Always Clean

Tips for caring for the car’s interior can be done very easily. As long as you are diligent and regularly clean it. The following are the parts that you must pay attention to to maintain the interior of the car:

  1. Car dashboard

This section is the leading part of a car. The dashboard is the part that is exposed to sunlight because of its position in front. To always maintain the condition of the dashboard is always clean, use a cloth or duster to remove dust dust that sticks. Clean every corner and hole hole that is on the dashboard so that dust doesn’t stick. Use a brush or brush to reach difficult areas.

In addition, do not forget to maintain the appearance of the dashboard by using a natural dashboard moisturizer. After you finish washing the car and cleaning the dashboard, use a natural dashboard moisturizer so that the dashboard is always clean, sharp in color and protected from sun exposure.

  1. Car seat

Caring for upholstery is very important to keep in mind to keep the interior comfortable. Car seat maintenance is not complicated. Moreover, you have to go to the car salon to clean it. Practical way to use a dry cloth, brush, vacuum cleaner and moisturizer dashboard for the type of dashboard leather material.

The first step to clean the car seat can be started by cleaning it with a dry cloth, if there is a stain brush the stain or use a damp cloth to clean the car seat. After that, dry the tips on caring for the interior of the car with a dry cloth. if your car seat is made of genuine or synthetic leather, after a clean car seat, apply moisturizing lotion to keep the seat condition still durable, not easily broken or cracked. But if your car seat uses cotton cloth or the like, after cleaning with a dry brush, then use a vacuum cleaner so that the dust is gone and clean.

  1. Car ceiling

Then how do you treat car interiors, especially to maintain and clean the car’s ceiling? the easiest way to care for and clean the ceiling of a car’s interior is to use a damp cloth. How to make a solution of a mixture of water and car shampoo, then dip a clean cloth. Squeeze it until it feels moist. Then rub the cloth to clean the ceiling of the car. After cleaning, dry with a dry cloth so that there is no trace of shampoo foam or water attached to the ceiling of the car.

  1. Car carpet

The car carpet is a part that sometimes just damages the scenery and cleanliness of the car. Therefore tips on caring for the interior of the car ensure that you choose a car carpet that is easy to clean. Choose a car carpet made of synthetic rubber so it’s easy to clean. We recommend that you regularly wash the car carpet at least once a week then dry it to dry and clean.

Tips for caring for the interior of the car will be more comfortable by using air freshener. For this room deodorizer, you can make it yourself without using a lot of room to sell on the market. The trick is to use coffee powder into a tissue then put it in plastic. tie tight meetings and small small holes in the plastic parts. Put the natural air freshener under the car seat. In this way the room will have a fresh odor without the smell of a chemical air freshener which sometimes even makes you dizzy. (Toyota Release)

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