It is very important to the clean your car interior if you want to maintain its overall value. If a lot of dirt as well as debris are accumulated on your car floor or on dashboard, then it would surely get in your way while driving. If your car windows are full of dirt, then you will not be able to see an oncoming vehicle. If you want your automobile to look good to others who are driving on the road, then you must clean it. That’s why Parts Avatar would provide you with some tips that would help keep your car interior clean.

  1. Decluttering the Car
  • Remove extra items

There are a lot of items that would get in your way like your gym bags, your child’s toys, some random books and magazines. Most of the time people just forget these items and then it would be a great opportunity to organize all your belongings once again to their original place.

  • Take out all the recyclables

You must have a specific recycling container in which you should place water bottles, paper and other cardboard items. All you have to do is to just pull the recycling container and then it would be a lot easier for you to dispose the recyclables. Take all of them out of your car and then simply put them into the container.

  • Remove all the trash

Collect all the trash and put it in a garage bag. You can put gloves for this step if you have unpleasant stuff in your automobile which you are about to clean. Keep the garbage bag nearby as you may need it later on in the cleaning process.

  1. Cleaning the Central Console

  • Wipe down the centre console

Find a rag and moisten it with some household cleaner. Cover all the areas of your car, from cleanest to the dirtiest. Clean the car dashboard and steering wheel. You should also carefully wipe down the gearshift and the inside of your car doors. Cleaning wipes are also available in the markets, you can always buy one. If you want to get rid of dirt and grime, then you should always use a clean cloth or else you would be just redistributing all the dirt.

  • Clean all the buttons present on the dashboard

For this process firstly you should use a damp rag to clean the buttons on your car dashboard and then later dry those buttons with a clean one. For more detailing, you can also use a flathead screwdriver. Just wrap a rag around the screwdriver and then you will be able to run it along the buttons so that the accumulated dust is easily removed.

  • Detail the car using an old toothbrush

For cleaning your car interior doors and console, you can use an old and soft bristle brush. There are a lot of rough surfaces on your car doors and steering wheels, which can only be tackled with an old toothbrush. Try to brush in a circular motion to get rid of dirt and debris.

  1. Cleaning your car seats
  • Clean the floor mats

Before vacuuming the car, you must remove the floor mats so that you can find the grime present underneath. If you have plastic floor mats in your car, then you must take them out and shake them well to get rid out dirt. If you have carpet mats, then there are two options: either you can vacuum them in the car itself or can take them out to vacuum. Now once you have finished vacuuming your car interior, then you can place the floor mats back at their original place.

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