Ford is regarded as one of the most popular brands in the market. It was founded in the year 1903 by Henry Ford. It was his dream to make a car for the masses. Today after more than 100 years or so the legacy still stands high and strong in the auto industry. Ford is known to embark upon with several technologies, we heard the company introducing the ‘moving assembly line’ that helped the brand to achieve more cost-effective methods of production. Later, the company entered into the luxury car market since then it was no looking back for the brand.

SYNC® 3 system

The latest technology used ford focus in its cars is the support of the latest integration of smartphone services. You can now connect your iPhone or Android phone to the USB connections in your Fords cars. You can have the access of 8-inches touchscreen, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay that kicks in automatically and you can easily access the smartphone for several things like music playback, making calls and navigation. The technology also helps you to access the features of voice in the car.

Automatic Headlamps

The AHO technology is the product of this technology. When the daylight starts simply to fade, the latest from the Ford Company has headlamps that automatically and turn on and shine, which never lose the sight of where you are heading.  

Rain Sensing Wipers

This technology helps to survive in the heavy rains. So, when it rains cats and dogs, or you experience drizzle, the light showers or caught in a torrential rain, this technology comes to your rescue. It helps the windscreen wipers on the Ford vehicles like All-New Eco Sport that will turn on the lights automatically, so you have complete visibility while you are moving ahead on the road. And soon you see the rain sensing wipers also working.

The Automatic Rear View Camera

We often aspire to have eyes on our back of our head when it comes to parking your car in a congested area. Thanks to this technology your wish comes true with it. The All-New Eco Sport’s Rear View Camera in the Ford car helps to turns on the rear camera automatically when you shift your gear into reverse, giving you a clear crystal picture of the road.  

Keyless Entry

Well, with this technology you do not have to fumble through your bag when it comes to checking your car keys. Well, with this technology, the Keyless Entry is possible and all you need is your key fob. The Eco Sport’s doors will automatically going to unlock when you are nearby. Once inside, all you need to do is to just push the engine button to start the engine and you are all set to go.

Climate Control

This is yet another technology found in the latest models of Ford cars, which helps in finding the latest updates on weather for you. You can certainly control the temperature inside your car, which in turn help in deciding whether to drive or not in the current weather conditions.

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