Mountr Place & Ability solutions have been built from the ground up,
proclaiming to offer you the best integrated mounting and charging experience
for making use of your phone in the automobile.

The ultimate design is built of your durable high-quality commercial nylon plastic using “Selective Laser Sintering”, some sort of professional 3D printing.

Connect the wire:
The connector fits very tightly in the adapter. This may avoid the connector to slide out when you dock your iPhone. You must press it in with a little make. The best way is by using a table nook because of this. Also, be sure to use an original iPhone lightning connector. It is not designed for every other connectors.
Charge and connect to your vehicle with a single hand activity. Great probability to keep your wire from the perception. The iPhone mount has the opportunity to plug within an “Apple Lightning” jack that remains in the cradle. This enables the phone to be easily placed and linked to the automobile. The holder is tailor made for your car type. The iPhone itself remains tightly in the holder. So don’t be concerned about distinct bends or bumpy roads.


Connect the car charger to the install with the included USB wire and the attach is preparing to bill your phone. Glide your iPhone in the case and you’re prepared to mount, fee and go! Or change the original again cover of your Galaxy Series mobile phone for a Mountr cover.
The mounting system is magnetic; just place your mobile on the support and the Mountr magnets will align it in perfect landscape or portrait orientation.

The moment you support your phone, it starts charging. No messing with wires and sloppy wire connectors anymore.THAT’S IT!

How many times perhaps you have jumped in your car and put your mobile phone in the caffeine cup holder because it’s too much trouble to attach it to a support and plug a charging wire in?

In the event that you were like us,
the response to that question is tons of times!

What if you can mount your mobile and also have it start charging in less time then it requires that you can get in your vehicle?

With Mountr Place & Power
it really is that simple!


Mountr Car Support + Mountr Circumstance:
both products you will need to reap
all the benefits associated with our integrated
mounting and charging solution.
Utilize the Product Selector above
to make your first purchase in 3 steps.
Step one 1: Select your mobile type.
Step 2 2: Which support fits your needs the best: the compact Air Vent Support
or the versatile Suction Cup Mount.
Step three 3: Choose the color for your case.

Phone Car mount designed for iPhone
Easily mount your phone in the holder although it remains within easy reach. The cable and the holder remain out of perception which means that your dashboard remains newly made.

The Apple Lightning connection stays in the holder. This ensures that the phone can be easily positioned and quickly linked to your vehicle.

The support will be custom made for your car type via high quality super strong industrial 3d Printing. This allows us to make sure that your cell phone remains firmly in place.

The iPhone itself remains firmly in the holder. So don’t worry about well-defined bends or bumpy roads.

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