Heading out the door for that important meeting and your car won’t start because of a ‘bad engine’ you’ve been dealing with and you exert a lot of friction on or your car just seems to consume more gas and becomes too costly for you to maintain…

Thereby, resulting in hazardous and environmentally-unfriendly emissions, a damaged engine consuming large chunks of your money for repairs and ultimately becomes scrap/junk.

Cars are luxury, alright…but you can make that luxury last longer in good condition with a lubrication alternative. There are various alternatives and additives in the market but one of interesting impact and try-out is TriboTEX.

What Is TriboTEX?

TriboTEX is a Nanotechnology revolution with an R&D formulated product that works well in all engine types to offer a clean lubrication alternative. Founded by Pavlo Rudenko, Ph.D, the product was formulated to improve mechanical output by utilizing a self-assembling coating that simultaneously reverses wear and enhances lubricity.

According to TriboTEX, the goal is to eliminate the parasitic effects of friction as they believe that cars should last longer and be more efficient. Friction in cars through usage and also consumption of bad/low-quality oil as the car engine runs might lead to engine problems that lead to a reduction in performance of the engine components or even gradual deteriorations that eventually result to a damaged engine.

Wondering how real and scientific this product is? With a successful Kickstarter campaign, the TriboTEX team was backed by grants from NASA, DOE, NSF, and many more.

TriboTEX which comes in a syringe-like container is described as “… like a ceramic protective coatings used I some high-performance engines, but it reduces friction 10X BETTER than engine oil alone” with engine tests and research information to back their discovery, TriboTEX has seemed to warm some driver’s hearts and cars by doing as it claims.

What Vehicles Is TriboTEX for?

If your vehicle consumes a lot of gas and you don’t feel its efficiency when you drive, maybe due to a decrease in engine performance, then TriboTEX will be a great fit for your vehicle. TriboTEX has been tested to work in all engine types, including gasoline, diesel, turbo, big and small. With test videos on vehicles such as a Ford Mustang, Chevy 1500, Dodge Ram and more others, you can bet that this product will work well for your car…it might be the auto-lubrication solution you’ve been searching for.

Why use TriboTEX?

From its research formulations to its funding and Kickstarter campaign till now, TriboTEX has been a popular introduction to the automotive industry as they’ve made considerable sales and shipments with lots of reviews as to the efficiency of the product.

If you’ve had no good luck with engine oils and you’re considering putting in more efficiency to your vehicle, then you may want to try TriboTEX as it:

  • Helps to increase fuel economy performance by 6-8% in a car with 130K+ miles while increasing in-cylinder compression, thereby delivering a better gas mileage
  • Reduces oil consumption in vehicles and making the oil stay cleaner.
  • Repairs engine cylinders with its coating composition that forms a film on the worn parts of the cylinder making it rounder and increase the operational lifetime of the engine.
  • Minimizes noise as the engine noise drops dramatically thereby giving you a quiet drive.
  • Increases horsepower by 3%+ giving you more power for responsive handling and speed.
  • Allows engine to run cooler with less friction, thereby ultimately increasing the life of gaskets, seals, and bearing surfaces.

For a starting price of around $49-$99, TriboTEX offers a competitive price and longer effect to give vehicle owners added value. However, for bigger vehicles, the company has formulated various ranges of the products to cater for specific engine needs at a varied price.

How to Use TriboTEX

According to the product page and instructions, it is advised to follow the basic application steps to achieve an effective result.

  • Warm the car engine up. This is achievable if you take your car out for a little drive so as to heat up your car engine.
  • Inject all 20ml of the proprietary nanomaterial (the product) into the car engine or oil tank
  • Idle the engine for 15minutes to allow the engine oil mix with the TRiboTEX additive.
  • Engage in a normal car drive and experience the full effect of TriboTEX after 500 miles on the car.

Most people have followed these steps and have seemed to testify through reviews and videos to the change in gas mileage and horsepower.

As much as TriboTEX can do wonders to your car, it can also be said that you need more and constant usage of the product to experience an increase in mileage, although it states that you should re-apply after achieving 40,000 miles or next oil change. Nothing comes cheap right? So why not save yourself further costs and repairs by spending on a solution like TriboTEX


The world is filled with so many pollutions and emissions and the automotive industry isn’t doing much good with low quality and damaging oils that decrease the performance and longevity of cars, as such small companies like TriboTEX are reinvigorating with new products to help enhance automotives.

Many have praised the product, so it’s safe to say it’s worth trying out if you’re looking to overcome your engine hurdles and save your vehicle. You can visit www.tribotex.com for more info and their research work.

Save Your Vehicle and Embrace Sustainability!

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