with inarguably the baddest Big Tire no prep car in the country under his right foot, Texas’ James “Birdman” Finney puts his twin-turbocharged Firebird in the beams with the betting odds in his favor a lot more than not. A ruthless trash-talker with a devious grin as huge as the Lonestar express, and with the performance to back again it all up, Finney leaves his competition little choice but to attain into their tote of tricks in hopes of outgunning him.

And with a pile of cash at risk, his final circular foe finally weekend’s No Prep Kings filming in NEW YORK did precisely that, stunning Finney and everyone who was simply there to witness it.

Chris Poncia, better known in auto racing circles as Cali Chris, made a $40,000 gamble and ran with it, as he all but guessed at the instant-green holiday tree start and bought himself more real property than Finney could overcome.

Carrying nearly a complete two car lengths at the hit, Poncia’s Chevy II, packing Steve Morris big-block power with a Vortech V-30 supercharger, possessed just enough steam to hold from the hard-charging Birdman to gather an enviable payday and stamp his name into Street Outlaws lore. As the saying goes, there is no second place, and Poncia needed it to center with a do-or-die mentality on the Galot Motorsports Park starting lines. Make no mistake, this was an upset, plus some daring trackside betters tend still kissing their winnings.
But a friendly media firestorm was making, as Finney later took to Facebook to air out his grievances with Poncia’s starting range tactic which, while controversial, is totally permissible and it is but one successful exemplory case of a technique that is attempted and failed by others. Finney specifically called Street Outlaws legend Ryan Martin, one of is own fiercest foes, as an integral influencer in Poncia’s decision to mentally time and take a shot at the tree. Noted Finney: “We were evidently the most effective on the house but one of the slower autos do better than us in the ultimate by guessing on the instant inexperienced light. The dude received a huge advantage on the tree and I just couldn’t get him. The Fireball crew helped the dude along with his car and confident him that he previously to reckon at the tree to combat us.”

And therefore, what ensued was a few hour’s worth – practically 2,000 commentary – of mud-slinging, name-calling, and comedy pain relief reading on friendly media. So enraged was Martin by the accusation that he, famously absent from interpersonal media, registered a merchant account entirely to get his two cents (or few dollars) worth in to the digital melee.

Whether Finney was truly frustrated on the scenario, or is actually a calculated genius at initiating controversy that works into his No Prep Racing at large’s popularity is something only he knows, but still, the rivalries, controversies, and the smack-talk of happenings like this have people glued to this not-so-underground-anymore world unlike other things in pull racing.

No Prep Contest Your Ride
No Prep Contest your trip is a opportunity for everyone looking for the buzz of a lifetime to have their car down an unpreped track in a non competitive environment. Additionally it is where seasoned racers dial in their cars and hone their skills. The top is slick so dialing in every aspect of your vehicle and traveling skills becomes more important than ever before.

Fans get ignited by the added suspense as vehicles often glide sideways as they lose hold at high rates of speed. The open up format draws a sizable variety of motorcycles, road and cars in one evening. You’ll also reach see legends like 14 time world champion Mike Murillo, Birdman & Steve Wiley who have been recognized to test regularly at San Antonio Raceway.

If you wish to get right up close and personal with racers in a laid back atmosphere, pick up a tech cards at the gate and talk in the staging lanes with some of the best on the planet between goes by or come in as a spectator and walk the pits while getting to meet some racing legends. From stands you can feel the thrills as individuals test their limitations, make advancements and incomparable upcoming races


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