Exhaust system of our car is much more than being a gas guzzler. Don’t know how? Read further!-Brought to you by PartsAvatar Aftermarket Car Exhaust Parts.

Keeping it short, we are going to discuss about main components of the car’s exhaust system and the problems related to car’s exhaust system.

Car’s exhaust system is very pivotal in terms of car’s mileage and engine’s working. Replacement of car engine parts is easy way to deal with the damage done to it but it is at the same time one of the most expensive car replacements, so better know how to keep car exhaust healthy!

Exhaust System of Car

Do you know which component of your car takes care of engine’s produced burnt gases? Well, it is the job of exhaust system to guide away the burnt and exhaust gases from engine or exhaust pipes.

These burnt gases are the result of burning of fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber inside the engine. The gases that are emitted are quite dangerous for our atmosphere. So, the exhaust system’s job is to reduce the harmful gases into less harmful ones and water vapours.

The exhaust system consists of exhaust manifold, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, exhaust pipes and mufflers that convert the harmful burnt gas coming from the engine into less harmful ones before exiting the car’s tailpipe.

How its working impacts the engine? Well, car mufflers reduce the engine noises and turbochargers help in reducing the load on engine and thus increasing engine power. Thus, for a healthy engine it’s very important for the car exhaust system to be healthy.

Now let’s read in detail about the pivotal components of car exhaust system!

Exhaust manifolds

The exhaust manifolds, channel away the exhaust gases from cylinder head to the exhaust pipe and eventually out of the car. The exhaust manifolds are made up of thick cast iron which have good heat resistance and that is why they have the benefit of keeping the heat from getting leaked to other places.

These are attached to the cylinder heads and there job is to combine the exhaust gases into one pipe.

Catalytic converters

It is not only one of the most expensive and theft prone part of your car’s exhaust system but also of your car. Why is it expensive? It is because of its composition which comprises of costly metals like palladium, rhodium and platinum.

But its deal is to convert more harmful exhaust gases, nitrogen oxides, hydro carbons into less harmful gases and water vapours before exiting the tail pipe. The reduction of harmful gases and compounds is done through redox reaction that takes place in the converter where both oxidation and reduction catalyst are present which are coated with palladium, platinum or rhodium metal.

Catalytic converters are located between mufflers and exhaust manifold. Note that catalytic converters are quite expensive to replace. By taking opinion of a good professional you can also replace car direct fit converters.

Oxygen sensors

Oxygen sensors feed the data of fuel mixture or unburned oxygen in exhaust to the system computer. It also tells whether the air fuel mixture is too lean or too rich.

Oxygen sensors are mounted in the exhaust manifold to monitor oxygen levels.

Exhaust Pipe

But what carries these exhaust gases safely out of engine compartment? Exhaust pipes take the credit of sending the exhaust gases out of the tailpipe.

These pipes are generally made of stainless steel. Exhaust pipes have a big hand in noise reduction, emission control and fuel economy. If a leak or a hole accumulates on the exhaust pipe by time, fuel economy will start to degrade eventually.


Mufflers are noise controllers of our auto vehicles. These are designed to quite the sound waves produced by the car engine in such a way that they quite the exhaust to acceptable level.

Muffler contains set of tubes which are designed to create reflected waves that interfere or cancel each other. They pass through a set of holes into another chamber, where they turn and go out the last pipe and leave the muffler.

Car Exhaust Issues

Exhaust system car can be associated with many problems. Let’s take a look.

Malfunctioning exhaust system of car won’t be able to dissipate the harmful gases out of car efficiently. These harmful gases could be carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide or other harmful compounds. Inhaling carbon monoxide is highly dangerous of human body. So, it is better to keep on inspecting the exhaust system because carbon monoxide is colorless and odourless so you won’t be able to identify what gas you are actually inhaling.

A loud car can be so annoying. We know that muffler controls and quits the car but what if it goes bad. Broken baffles in the muffler can cause trouble for you so you better check them periodically.

A blocked off exhaust can also cause the car to run hotter than normal.

Got a degrading gas mileage? The very first reason could be malfunctioning car exhaust system parts. It could be oxygen sensor, exhaust pipe etc.

By time, oxygen sensors start to give faulty data of air fuel mixture to the system which results in inaccurate operation of engine which actually according to the inaccurate data provided by the oxygen sensor. This can highly impact your car’s fuel economy so replacing them could be best option.

Car mufflers, oxygen sensors are quite economical to afford and replace. But the budget blast is done by catalytic converter of car. The catalytic converter is one of the expensive part of car so it is highly prone to theft. You could end up spending thousands of dollars for buying one if it gets clogged.

Bad catalytic converter could result in loss of power, heat coming from car floor, smell and inappropriate emissions. So, be careful because according to some strict emission laws, you could end up paying heavy fines.

So, in the end it is very important to regularly maintain car parts for their best performance. You can also replace car parts online at PartsAvatar Auto Parts.

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