Impressive vehicle decal was created to improve vehicle visibility and decrease the quantity of rear-end collisions involving fleet vehicles.

“Visibility Tape has shown to reduce rear end collisions by more than 50%,”Steven Cole of Reflective Inc, managing spouse for Visibility Tape.

Rear-end collisions occur when individuals do not visit a stopping or slow-moving vehicle in front of them with time to stop.

The Reflective Tape for Collision Reduction yellow and red adhesive tape with an angled pattern is placed on the rear of a car to increase driver’s awareness, says the business. Created from polymers with better reflectivity, the decal can be easily put on any vehicle. It’s waterproof and will come in both standard and custom sizes.

Most automobile accidents occur when one driver simply does not see another in time to avoid a collision. Rain, snow, low light and other conditions can make visibility even more of a challenge which is why in these types of conditions accidents more than double. Distracted driving adds even more risk and is a major contributor to serious collisions and fatalities involving motor vehicles. Adding high visibility reflectivity to a vehicle can reduce accidents substantially. In some cases, rear end collisions within a fleet of vehicles go from 8 per year to zero simply because of increased visibility day and night. Any type of reflective tape is helpful but for the greatest reduction in accidents it has been found that fluorescent lime and red chevron or battenburg panels are the most effective. Other color combinations are fine such as green and fluorescent lime or orange and lime. A 3 to 1 contrast ratio is optimum.

For trucks and vans these panels are generally applied to the rear of a vehicle but can also be applied to the front and sides. For car drivers who want increased safety but in a more subtle way, standard reflective tape can be used and placed on the vehicle in a way that actually looks good and provides increased visibility. The rule is that a good driver will do all they can to avoid a collision with something that is clearly visible. On the contrary, cars and trucks that are not seen cannot be avoided.

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Based on the company, some benefits of the tape include increased vehicle visibility both day and night, reduced vehicle fixes and down time induced by accidents and insurance savings by minimizing Total Incident Rate (TIR).
Red and white retroreflective tape has significantly reduced impacts in to the sides and rears of truck trailers. A fresh research from the National Highway Traffic Safe practices Administration (NHTSA) implies these treatments are most reliable on roadways that are dark and unlighted.

For the study, the Florida Highway Patrol and Pennsylvania State Police collected 1997-99 data on crashes involving tractor-trailers, noting whether or not retroreflective tape have been applied to improve conspicuity. Accidents were grouped corresponding to whether they might have been prevented by better conspicuity or whether they couldn’t possibly have been damaged by the conspicuity treatment. The first group of collisions included, for example, those relating cars impressive the sides of pickup truck trailers. The second group of crashes included tractor-trailers that ran off the street or other vehicles crashing in to the fronts of pick up truck rigs.

Conspicuity-relevant crashes were compared among trailers with and without retroreflective tape. The researchers examined crash results for various conditions including dark-not-lighted, dark-lighted, dawn, dusk, and daylight. The tape is most reliable in dark, unlighted conditions.

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