The bridge is the heart of every windshield chip repair kit so deciding on the best bridge is one of the main decisions a fresh technician makes. It’s no marvel we receive so many telephone calls questioning which bridge is “best” and just why. We also get a lot of phone calls from technicians considering a bridge update who’ve the same questions.

To work with you with this important decision we thought it might be beneficial to answer the most typical question we receive but first here are some important things to consider in virtually any windscreen repair bridge.

What things to look for:
Will need to have an injector with the capacity of filling every type of damage quickly and efficiently. While this seems obvious, one of the most common known reasons for a bridge update is due to dissatisfactory performance of the previous purchase.

When located on the wine glass it is important that it remains there. Again, this seems such as a no brainer but the simple truth is bridges attached to the goblet with standard suction cups are inclined to falling off prior to the repair is completed. Not only will this compromise the grade of the repair but could also damage the customer’s vehicle. If an injector is overweight the condition is compounded.
An excellent bridge is adjustable so damage to any area of the windshield can be repaired without adapters. A bridge with a set or centre mounted injector has not a lot of capacities but this simple truth is often forgotten whenever choosing your first injector.

Durability and simple cleaning are really important. A straightforward design made of high quality materials will require minimal maintenance and provide steady performance. New technicians often get swept up in the great features and forget about all the tiny parts that want consistent maintenance or alternative. Even worse, an extremely complicated design may malfunction in the center of a repair.
Size matters, however in this circumstance bigger is not better, especially for mobile technicians. Many technicians use several bridges at onetime so a concise design is preferable. Large heavy bridges ponder you down and poor you down.

Okay, now for the most common question about Delta Sets windscreen repair bridges:
Both B150 and B250 meet all the standards above and can handle repairing all sorts of damage everywhere on the wine glass, even directly on the border. Damage fills incredibly fast because of the low pressure hydraulic design that removes stuck air completely alternatively than using air pressure like vacuum first models. Both bridges easily change everywhere for perfect position to the impact point every time, even following the bridge has been affixed to the goblet. Both models include a stainless steel and lightweight aluminum vacuum cup that would contain the bridge securely to the goblet via a hurricane but is easily removed with the flip of an lever.

The bottom is constructed of nylon/fiberglass amalgamated that is practically indestructible and the injector is constructed of stainless. The injector features Delta’s exclusive planting season loaded system for quick and easy injection/vacuum cycling. It’s a top shelf bridge priced below our competitor’s state of the art bridges and the B250 is made for an eternity of service, backed by an eternity warranty. Visit:

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