Even if you are driving in a dark alley or up on a foggy mountain pass, you need sufficient visibility to drive safely on road. Replace car headlights at PartsAvatar Canada car parts and ensure your safety on road at nighttimes’ or extreme weather.

You cant just put your life or other motorists’ life at risk by driving with dead or dim headlights. It is not only risky for you to drive with such headlights, but also, you are breaking a law. So, waste no time in upgrading car’s headlights and restore the vision for your safety.

Headlights may fail due to certain reasons. But first lets see how do headlights work exactly.

Car headlights working

There are three types of headlights that are generally used in cars as incandescent lamps, halogen headlights and high intensity discharge headlights.

The incandescent lamps use a filament which is heated by electricity to produce light. Halogen lights are popularly used today and use less energy as compared to incandescent lamps. High intensity headlights can be found in Honda, Audi vehicles in which a mixture of rare metals and gases is burnt to produce light.

A standard headlight contains bulb, relay, switch and a fuse as standard component. The relay is activated by a switch when you turn on the headlights. This relay sets electric connection between bulbs and battery.

In case of high beams, the high beam control will activate a relay to turn on the high beams. Headlights will start malfunctioning if any of these unit stops working. So, maintenance is required for long term use.

Here are some tips that we have shared and compiled for you so that you can easily perform a DIY on headlights’ repair and replacement yourself.

If one headlight don’t work

Are you facing a problem in which one headlight is properly functioning while the other does not? In such case, the culprit might be faulty bulb.

But before going to mechanic, make sure to check the wiring which might have been corroded or even loose. Water is also dangerous for your headlights if it enters through cracked seals. You will have to replace it as a whole so make sure no such thing like condensation takes place in it.

Neither is working

Now this is a serious issue. Why? This is because, if none of the headlights is working, you will be in trouble regarding visibility on road. Moreover you won’t be able to alert other upcoming cars of your presence on road especially in fog.

Usually it does not happen that both the headlights lose their power at the same time. But you can check the power connections first to know the cause.

This is done using voltmeter. For this, turn the switch of headlight on. Connect the negative lead on your meter to a known good ground and touch the positive lead to each headlight terminal.

If the problem is with the burnt bulbs, then at least one of the terminals should show the voltage.

The other causes of total failure may include bad components of headlight like fuse, relay or module.

So, replace the damaged headlight components and get back your car’s visibility. Components of headlights are not that expensive and are easy to buy.

You can take reference of your car manual to know exactly what type of headlight would be good for you. Various online auto parts store have numerous auto products. Make sure to choose the one with warranty.

Low beam or high beams not working

If just one bulb fails to work in either high beam mode or low beam mode, the problem may be with the bulb.

In most cases, the problem might be with the relay or switch. Make sure to visit a professional for proper diagnosing of problem and don’t waste any time if replacement of headlight component is recommended.

Dim headlights

You might get warning ticket for driving with dim lights especially in certain countries or provinces where driving laws are hell strict.

There might be certain problems associated with dim headlights. There might be a cleaning job in your way. Sometimes hazy or foggy headlights, may obstruct the exact brightness so make sure they are clean of fog from lenses.

You might even need to buy new set of headlights as they have a certain time period and would age with growing use. So check your car’s manual and make the required changes accordingly.

You can use reconditioning method to remove the oxidation from the headlights. In reconditioning process, the abrasive is used to remove oxidation of the bulb and then a protective clear coat is applied for clean looks.

There might be problems related to charging system of your car. Low battery might also not be able to supply enough electricity to electrical components and that is how the headlights would suffer. Make sure your car’s battery is in good condition and is fully charged.

With these troubleshooting tips, at least you can know what exactly the problem with headlights of your car is.

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