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There might come a time when you need to break into your own car especially when you are locked outside! Check out how to get your car’s door open again without stranding for too long.

So what can you do when you are locked out of your car? There is a lot that you can do if you stay cool!

Luckily there are few DIY methods you can use to unlock your car door. Newer cars may be harder to unlock due to automatic locks and security systems but it’s not impossible.

Coat hanger and ruler trick

It is one of the most common methods of unlocking car door. This method better works for manual car doors; for automatic doors, check another one.

Use a coat hanger and straighten its knob to make it absolutely straight. In the next step, carefully push it through the rubber casing between the window and the door above the lock system.

The next part will require that you fumble a little till you reach the knob and are able to push it through the end. If you have a steel ruler, this will become little easier for you to take care of.

When you push against the door, lock will open and you can enter the car.

Spare keys

It is one of the best methods without any stress. While keeping a spare key at a safe known place or neighbour is one of the great choices to follow, the other thing you can invest in is the good magnetic holder that you can attach to your car.

Magnetic holder has a combination lock and is attached so that it doesn’t slip and fall. Do not hide it on the spot that is too obvious.

Phone App

If your car manufacturer has provided a phone application that can be used to unlock your car door, that is what you should use. If you have a service such as OnStar, they can be notified to unlock the car door remotely.

But you can’t simply transmit the signal from your key fob through a cell phone to unlock your car door.

But phones can be hacked and car connected features can fall into the hands of hackers. So, choose wisely.

Tennis ball trick

The process is simple. Take a tennis ball and either punch or burn a hole in it so that there is vacuum created when you press it against the lock.

Take the tennis ball to any car door and place the hole over the keyhole. Now smash as hard as you can and air pressure from inside the ball will travel through the keyhole and forces the locking mechanism to unlock the door.

The pressure will be able to push the jammed lock through and lead to a release.

Slim Jim

Using slim Jim in an unskilled manner often causes the lock rod to be detached leaving the whole mechanism inoperable even with the car keys.

A slim Jim is a thin metal strip made from the sheet metal having a notch cut on of its sides at the bottom end. This notch is meant to be hooked onto the rod connected to the door handle of a car, allowing the user to pull it into the open position.

If used properly, slim Jim easily gets the door open without causing any damage to car’s door or lock mechanism.

Slim Jim is popular tool among locksmiths or mechanics. But it can also be used by thieves since it is easy to use. It is found in any auto parts store and knowing how to use it can avoid a lot of hassle.

For power locked car doors, you should follow different instructions while using slim Jim.

  1. Find a wiring diagram of your car’s door. Make sure you get the right one according to your car’s manufacturer and model date. Some modern models have a shielding inside to prevent slim Jim from reaching the lock mechanism. If your car has one of these, then quit at once, because it is impossible to use this technique for opening such locks.
  2. Secondly, you need to find the thinnest slim Jim available in the market for opening a powered lock. Create an opening between the rubber seal and the window glass as described in the previous section and gently slip the slim jim inside.
  3. Navigate the slim Jim carefully until you locate the locking rod. If you encounter any hindrance, it is better to stop immediately and look at the wiring diagram to check if the obstacle is a wire or a screw.

If it is a wire, gently twist, turn or wiggle the slim Jim until it comes loose.

  1. Once you reach the locking rod, pull or push on it with slim Jim until the door is unlocked. If you get this far, then well done your job is done.

Make sure you use this technique only where it is appropriate.

Call 911

This is another safe way and you should definitely call the police when child is stuck inside. They have specialized materials by which they can open the car door for you.

At last, find a locksmith or a professional mechanic and make him do the unlocking job for you.

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