AGA Parts – the largest supplier of construction equipment, in cooperation with popular manufacturers, has been supplying construction machinery for many years. Offers a wide choice of original and non-original technical parts of leading brands of construction equipment of international class at competitive prices.

The site AGA Parts company contains all the information necessary for the customer – all the important options are located at the top of the main page of the site, more detailed each of them can be viewed at the bottom of the page. Directly in front of you, you will see a search line for the name of the spare parts and the “Know price” button, which is useful if you need to specify the prices for these or other mechanical components. Obtaining information about the price of spare parts on the site will not require any payment.

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AGA Parts supplies equipment in various technical areas:

  • for construction equipment;
  • for mining equipment;
  • for heavy and light trucks and tractors;
  • compressors;
  • for equipment for oil and gas production;
  • for forestry machinery;
  • for agricultural machinery;
  • for navigational machinery;
  • for generators and machine building;
  • for engines and transmissions.

In more detail all the information can be found on the company’s website by clicking the appropriate option of one or another direction.


Since AGA Parts is engaged in the international delivery of its products, the option “Delivery”, for convenience, contains a special calculator that will help you calculate the price of shipping parts worldwide.

The calculation will require:

– parameters (length, width, height, weight) of the goods,

– the country where you need to deliver parts or spare parts,

– postcode.

To clarify everything you need for certain, there is a clickable link option with a contact manager / sales specialist.


If you have any additional questions, the “Contacts” option is at your service. On this page, all information about all interactions with representatives of AGA Parts is locally concentrated:

– e-mail for pricing information;

– the opportunity to find out prices online;

– Hotline support;

– the opportunity to send a message to the site administration;

– contacts of employees of the company – managers on international work with clients;

– contacts of the representative office in the Russian Federation;

– The legal address of the main office.

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