This SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 review will need a detailed look at the self-balancing scooter to see if it’s a good purchase for you or your children. Hoverboards – also called self-balancing scooters – are the trend right now. They are two-wheeled planks that use a power motor to go themselves forwards. That’s like a driven skateboard or mobility scooter, except for the very fact that you will be necessary to balance on just two tires (arranged in a horizontal manner) without handle no handles. Instead, you propel the devices forwards by just leaning and tilting your system, and convert by leaning in the path you want to look.

The result? The knowledge of gliding ahead quickly and gracefully without necessity to actively press yourself for the reason that direction at all. It looks amazing and it seems great.

Swagtron t1 scooter review: So how will the SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 build up as hoverboards go? Let’s take a peek and find out if this is a superb way to see the movement for yourself…

Design and Features

In our purchasers’ guide, we indicated that the majority of hoverboards are actually the same foundation product, repackaged in various ways and with a few interesting tweaks. While that’s not necessarily the situation here, this is your standard self-balancing scooter; therefore you understand specifically what you’re getting. The look is your traditional ‘panel with a steering wheel on either part ’ and it doesn’t execute a great deal to deviate from that. Having said that, there are cool feet grips set up and it can have some fairly cool looking tires as well.

What also models this apart design smart is the addition of LED headlights, to be able to see what your location is going even though riding during the night. That may also help oncoming traffic and pedestrians to see you too.

There’s also plastic bumpers on leading to help should you trip into anything which further helps enhance the aesthetic.

The product will come in five different colors: dark, blue, gold, red, and a burgundy-type red.

In conditions of features, there are a few nice details here that you won’t can get on a great deal of other self-balancing scooters. The SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 includes a battery signal for instance, that will enable you to quickly find out if you’ll be requiring a charge soon instantly.

There’s also two separate traveling modes which really is a great choice. Which includes an extremely cool ‘learning setting ’, which can only help to average the quickness that you travel at until you are feeling all set faster?


It’s not the quickest hoverboard on the marketplace, but also not the slowest at rates of speed of above 8mph. That is in conjunction with tighter gears that enable some very nimble maneuvers. We were also impressed by the number here: it is with the capacity of riding 12+ mls about the same charge, which is one of the better shows we’ve seen. Safe stop technology allows you to come to a moving stop should you lose power, which really is a nice failsafe.

Overall, this is a hoverboard that is fun to trip which is reliable and can keep you taking a long time.


The SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 has a great deal choosing it. Its design is rather standard but it offers enough nice details and color options to create it in addition to the crowd. At the same time, the performance is up there with the most effective in conditions of distance and quickness. Thoughtful features like the safe stop and battery pack sign show that real love has been placed into the product’s design and it seems weighty and durable as well.

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