The best short courses to really get you career going

University courses are often very academic, they also take a lot of time and money: they certainly arenÂ’t right for a lot of people and a lot of careers. For some careers a degree will be little use and spending those three or more years working in a good company and getting experience while perhaps taking extra courses aimed more at the real world working environment may see you in a better role than if you had gone to university.
With a university course you tend to do lots of one subject, often for business what you really need is a little of many subjects and so short courses may be far better: these could be either to help you get a job or taken when you are in a job to help you move ahead. Many courses are one year or less and usually can be taken part time and at least partly through distance learning. There is no university course in Microsoft Office skills as an example but this may actually be just what you need to get a good job or basic bookkeeping may help you get that promotion.
These courses include diplomas that are usually one year and less formal qualifications that still have a lot of value on your CV. Diplomas though may be needed for certain jobs many of which are ways in to lucrative professions. If you want to be a pharmacist, dentist or a lawyer you could go to university to enter these well-paid professions but for you it may be practical to start off in these jobs at a lower level to gain experience and then even save for university or have your training funded by your employer if you impress.
With law you may enter as a law clerk having taken a diploma that will qualify you and give you a good working knowledge of various areas of law including criminal law, family law and business law. You will also learn the skills you need for the specific jobs you will perform such as creating documents and researching.
If you choose to work towards becoming a pharmacist you may want to take a pharmacy assistant diploma so you can work as an assistant to the pharmacist that will include work dispensing and advising customers. Your course will include training on a wide range of treatments including their advantages and disadvantages.
DentistÂ’s assistants do a lot more than you might think: they of course assist the dentist directly but do a lot of work on their own including taking and developing x-rays and preparing surgeries and patients for surgery. Hygiene would also be your responsibility, which is a vital and difficult job, your diploma course though will include everything you need to know.
If it is a lucrative career you want but you want to get stuck in quickly then a web design course may be for you if you have the right kind of logical brain along with a flair for design. Following an advanced course you will be able to either setup in business alone or get a job with a local web design company where your development can continue.
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