TriboTEX is a Nanotechnology revolution with an R&D formulated product that is effective in all engine types to give you a clean lubrication alternative. Founded by Pavlo Rudenko, Ph.D, the product was formulated to boost mechanical output through the use of a self-assembling finish that simultaneously reverses wear and enhances lubricity.

Regarding to TriboTEX, the target is to eliminate the parasitic effects of friction as they believe that cars should go longer and be better. Friction in vehicles through consumption and also utilization of bad/low-quality oil as the car engine unit runs might trigger engine motor problems that business lead to a reduction in performance of the engine motor components or even continuous deteriorations that eventually lead to a damaged engine unit.

Pondering how real and scientific the product is? With an effective Kickstarter campaign, the TriboTEX team was guaranteed by grants or loans from NASA, DOE, NSF, and so many more.
TriboTEX which will come in a syringe-like pot is referred to as “… like a ceramic protective coatings used I some high-performance engines, but it reduces friction 10X BETTER than engine motor oil alone” with engine exams and research information to back their breakthrough, TriboTEX has appeared to warm some driver’s hearts and autos by doing as it claims.

Manufactured in USA – Includes synthetic nanoparticles developed with money from the U.S. Division of Energy, NASA, & Country wide Science Foundation
Reverses wear in bearings by building a diamond-like carbon coating
Compatible with all sorts of electric motor oil and can be utilized in gas or diesel engines
Improves fuel utilization and reduces engine unit noise
We know you will be delighted, for just about any reason we’ve a 100% satisfaction guarantee
Founded in Pullman, Washington by Pavlo Rudenko, Ph.D., TriboTEX offers a clean lubrication solution. Proprietary nano-sheets were created with specific useful properties on each area to resolve important problems for a number of consumer and industry stakeholders.

Current formulations improve mechanical productivity by utilizing a self-assembling coating that simultaneously reverses wear and enhances lubricity. Having achieved traction through finalists placements in a variety of business plan competitions (WSU, MIT, UW, LES, RICE, INW) and obtained money from various companies including the Country wide Science Base (NSF), Department of Energy (DOE), Hydropower Research Groundwork (HRF), Country wide Aeronautics and Space Supervision (NASA) as well as private money from AutoDesk. TriboTEX is continuing to grow to build up a superior istacated developing process for scaled up developing and delivery product for research corporations as well as professional partners.

Many have praised the product, so it’s safe to say it’s worth trying out if you’re looking to overcome your engine hurdles and save your vehicle. You can visit for more info and their research work.

Presently TriboTEX is pursuing industry partnerships that allows sustained growth and continued success among target consumers markets. With a wide selection of applications, smart protective film-forming formulations produced by TriboTEX can be put into available lubricating blends to offer valuable solutions for the motor vehicle, industrial, and blowing wind power sectors.

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