There are many oils on the markets for your engine. If you would like to avoid costly repairs at the auto shop and protect your engine for years to come, then you need to put a top quality product in your vehicle. Regular oils will always break down and offer less protection than synthetics.

It is always a good idea to go with a great synthetic oil. But are all synthetic oil brands the same? No, not really. Many synthetic oils are blends! That means the manufacturer takes regular or conventional oil and mixes it with synthetic. (Why they do that is a mystery, but maybe to cut costs and label their product as “synthetic” which is kind of deceiving.)

Yes, you can blend regular oil and synthetic oil but that is like taking a nutritious blend of juices and watering it down with 50% water. Why would anyone want to do that getting half the nutrients instead of 100%?

Constant testing over the years has shown Amsoil to be top rated. If you would like to see more testing on oil brands on how they compare to Amsoil, then visit

In addition to the testing, Amsoil is 100% synthetic oil and not a blend. It will reduce friction and keep your engine cleaner than many other brands. Synthetics will not break down like conventional oils do so it lasts longer. Be sure to get a filter to go along with your synthetic oil.

The top benefits also are longer oil change intervals. Who wants to change their oil every few months and wait at the auto shop for hours. Sometimes these places are so packed you have to go back another day or drop your vehicle off and pick it up.

With high technology oil like Amsoil, you can stop worrying about constantly changing your oil as the oil change interval is way higher than any other oils. This means you can drive under severe conditions 15,000 miles with Amsoil Signature Series and 25,000 miles under normal conditions. So you can probably change your oil once a year unless you are driving big time miles such driving for a share riding company.

Check out the oil change interval graph:

Severe conditions would be a city or area where there is dust, pulling, towing, heavy idling such as the conditions Uber and Lyft drivers endure. (thank you Uber and Lyft drivers for doing what you do! Great public service and not easy to do either!)

Speaking of Uber and Lyft….if you drive for them stopping to change your oil for hours every month or so is less money for you. Change to a superior oil and go 15,000 miles without changing the oil. Also, a superior synthetic will protect your engine and you will endure less wear and tear from friction and debris. Protect your vehicle so you can keep making money. The more downtime you have, the less time to make money.

Visit to get the best synthetic oil for your car or truck!

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